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What Is Management in the Context of Agile

« Project Breathalyzer | Main | 30 Problems That Affect Software Projects » April 17, 2016 What Is Management in the Context of Agile There’s a meme going around in some parts of agile that management is inhumane. This is...

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What is your Product POV?

“As a chief executive, never think of your business in terms of what you make and what you sell, you have to think about the deeper human need that you’re satisfying and always be open to other ways of doing that.” — Gary...

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UX Value Proposition (Peter J Thomson)

O consultor Peter J Thomson trabalha com estratégia de marca e criou um Canvas inspirado em Experiência do Usuário (UX) para ajudar startups a entenderem seus clientes. Inspirada no Canvas homônimo do livro do Alexander...

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